Exclusive Benefits

RMA Advertising Network:

The Retail Merchants Association of Canada (RMA) has been serving the Independent industry since 1910.

The objective of RMA is to assist its members to prosper by offering an array of cost saving programs designed to keep them strong and profitable.

Our Mission

Just a few Reasons to Join RMA

RMA is committed to give you substantial savings to reduce your operating expenses and to save you several times your annual membership fee. In other words, your membership fee comes at no cost to you.

RMA gives you a voice with governments at all levels.

RMA cares and wants to keep you in business.

RMA newsletters will give you alerts and updates to keep you informed.

RMA will give you the opportunity to grow your business, get exposure on our website, advertise, network, promote and sell your products or services to other members, whether you are a member as an Independent, Association or Supplier.

Remember that there is strength in numbers, and by joining RMA, your business will be able to take advantage of volume discounts in any of our many programs!

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